All Aluminum Construction
L: 9″ W: 1.5″ H: 6.75″
Dry Weight: 2.4 lbs.
Effective Range: Approximately 120 feet
Accuracy Range: Up to 60 feet
Joules: 1.6 – 2.0
Air Efficiency: Shoot up to 80 paintballs per 12g CO2 Cartridge

Reversal Striker Valve System (Patent 7,478,632)
Magazine Style Loading System
All Aluminum Construction
Velocity Range: 200-250 fps
Joules: 1.6-2.0
CO2 Cartridge Knob with Assist Lever
External Velocity Adjuster
Simulated Cocking Action
Durable Anodized Fine Matte Finish
High Visibility Hard Sights
Quick Release Striker Bolt
Slide Cocking System
Ergonomically Designed Aluminum Trigger Frame
Rubber Grip Panel


Stormer™ Semi-Auto Military Rifle
– Mil-Sim Style Semi-Auto Paintball Marker
– “EKO” Valve System (Patent Pending)
– Assault Style Adjustable Shoulder Stock
– 13.5” Micro Ported Barrel w/ Muzzle Break
– Barrel Shroud w/ Ring Sight
– Raised Sight Rail
– Multiple Picatinny Rail Mounting System
– Magazine Style Foregrip
– High Impact Polymer Off-Set Clamping Feed Neck
– Side Cocking Aluminum Bolt
– Quick Release Striker Plug Pull Pin
– Short Pull Single Trigger
– High Impact Polymer Trigger Frame
– Textured Grip Panels
– Steel Braided Hose
– External Velocity Adjuster
– Operates on CO2 or Compressed Air


Opus-A™ Semi-Auto Competition Marker
– Air Efficient EKO™ Valve System (Patent Pending)
– Clamping Collar Feedneck
– Standard CA Thread Vertical Adapter
– Foregrip Expansion Chamber
– Quick Release Bolt
– Tool-Free Striker Plug Design
– 10” Micro Ported Barrel
– All Aluminum Body Construction
– Ergonomically Designed Aluminum Trigger Frame
– No-Slip Rubber Grip Panel
– Two Finger Trigger
– External Velocity Adjuster
– Steel Braided Hose Line
– Inline Bottom-line ASA
– Operates on CO2 or Compressed Air

The MR Series continues the high standard set forth in every marker’s strength, reliability and durability. These markers are built to last while offering each player the complete package to dominate the opponent on the playing field.

NEW for 2013
Brand New for 2013 Spyder introduces the E-MR5™ electronic, MR5™ semi-auto, and Hammer 7™ pump-action paintball markers each with distinctive character for your style of play, and each coming stock with a 9-round magazine capable of shooting .68 caliber paintballs and the new First Strike™ paintball from Tiberius Arms. The First Strike™ paintball offers 2x more range and 25x more accuracy. We have also developed a new lineup of MR™ accessories for 2013 including the “Advance” Electronic Trigger Frame, Battle Barrels, Shrouds, Stocks, Sights and more.

“DLS” Dual Loading System
The Spyder E-MR5™, MR5™, MRX™ Elite and MRX™ come standard with the revolutionary “DLS” Dual Loading System. This unique patent pending system enables you to interchange your loading system with a quick turn of the barrel; this allows the user to switch between a traditional upper load feed system and all-new lower magazine feed system during play.


The 2012 Spyder Fenix electronic paintball marker features a lightweight, compact design for improved handling and agility for all levels of play. The Fenix comes standard equipped with the New “LEAP” Circuit Board, featuring a Break Beam Eye “Anti-Chop System” for increased reliability and performance. The efficient power technology allows a maximum number of shots with the use of a 9 Volt Premium Alkaline battery. The Fenix features “SE Technology” and a Fast Charge Inline Regulator insuring the marker performs at a consistent velocity at an impressive 500 psi even when using CO2 as an air source. The included rear facing “Color Access Mode Display” (CAMD) makes it easy to view the operating status. A 3-Way adjustable magnetic response “Saber” Trigger gives a smooth and natural shooting feel, allowing for optimum rates of fire.

– Air Efficient Eko™ Valve System (Patent #8,286,622) shoots up to 1,600 shots from a 20oz CO2 Tank
– 25 BPS Rate of Fire
– 3 Modes of Operation (Semi-Auto, Ramp P & Ramp M)
– Operates on a 9 Volt Alkaline Battery (2000 – 2500 Shots)
– Anti-Chop Eye System Functional in All Modes
– Operates on CO2 or Compressed Air

– Break Beam Eye (Anti-Chop System)
– LEAP II Circuit Board with Rear Facing Color Access Mode Display (CAMD)
– Dual Ball Detents with Aluminum Eye Covers
– Quick Release Bolt
– 11″ Micro Ported Barrel
– Clamping Collar Feedneck
– 3 Way Adjustable Magnetic Response “Saber” Trigger
– Recessed Dual Texture Grip Panels
– High Impact Polymer Trigger Frame
– Adjustable Inline Regulator
– Standard Thread Vertical Adapter
– Steel Braided Hose
– External Velocity Adjuster