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All Aluminum Construction
L: 9″ W: 1.5″ H: 6.75″
Dry Weight: 2.4 lbs.
Effective Range: Approximately 120 feet
Accuracy Range: Up to 60 feet
Joules: 1.6 – 2.0
Air Efficiency: Shoot up to 80 paintballs per 12g CO2 Cartridge

Reversal Striker Valve System (Patent 7,478,632)
Magazine Style Loading System
All Aluminum Construction
Velocity Range: 200-250 fps
Joules: 1.6-2.0
CO2 Cartridge Knob with Assist Lever
External Velocity Adjuster
Simulated Cocking Action
Durable Anodized Fine Matte Finish
High Visibility Hard Sights
Quick Release Striker Bolt
Slide Cocking System
Ergonomically Designed Aluminum Trigger Frame
Rubber Grip Panel

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