This company started in 1992 when stablished its reputation with the HammerTM series pump action marker, later making a complete change on the scope of the paintball sport when creating the Spyder® semi-automatic series.

Beginning in 1992, Kingman Group quickly established its reputation with the Hammer™ series pump action marker, and then completely changed the scope of the paintball sport with its now legendary Spyder® semi-automatic series. Since then, Kingman Group has been known for its reliable and affordable paintball markers and dedication to promoting paintball sports.

Kingman Group works closely with the most highly skilled engineers to create paintball products with innovative features including the “DLS” Dual Loading System, and the First Strike™ paintball equipped option for advanced accuracy and long range. New for 2013, Kingman Group introduces the Spyder E-MR5™ electronic,Spyder MR5™ semi-auto, and Spyder Hammer 7™ pump-action paintball markers, each with distinctive character for your style of play, and each coming stock with a 9-round magazine capable of shooting .68 caliber paintballs and the new First Strike™ paintball from Tiberius Arms.

Kingman Group is the first and only source offering a full range of paintball caliber sizes to meet the needs of individual players with three distinctive brands, theSpyder .68 CaliberSpyder .50 Caliber and Kingman Training .43 Caliber. We are exploring all possibilities to make paintball sports no longer just an extreme sport for an elite few, but rather a popular action sport for all ages in both genders. Kingman Group is looking forward to future success by continuing our philosophy to “Pursue the ultimate without paying the ultimate price.”